Payment of Invoice or Subscription/Membership Costs

Perhaps you want to make payments for some invoices or subscription costs. But the service provider only accepts fiat money. In this case, you can use this service and submit your request. In this system you will pay us with Stablecoins. And we will clear your invoice with fiat money. By depositing money directly to bank account or via the payment gateway of the service provider.

To receive this service:

  1. Fill out the following form in all details (you need to be a member at BTC6X exchange)
  2. In the selected users’ system, a ticket will be created for you, and one of the users will be chosen to reply to your ticket
  3. If your conditions, such as amount, invoice payment method, and type of bank account are approved, you will receive the cost and conditions in the ticket. We will be in contact with you via the ticketing system, if there is need for more information.
  4. If the amount, conditions, and time for the chosen service are approved, you will deposit the agreed upon amount in your BTC6X account. And send confirmation via ticketing system.
  5. The Stablecoins will be deducted from your account, and equivalent fiat money amount will be deposited to clear the invoice. The receipt will be sent to you via ticketing system.
  6. If there are any problems or disputes in this process, BTC6X will guide you along the way.

Important notes:

  • Our agents will review each request separately, and if they can be accepted, they will confirm and specify the time and cost. Acceptance of your request depends on various factors, such as invoice payment method, amount, etc.
  • To use this service, KYC is not necessary.

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