About Us

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About M.Credit

M.Credit is an exchange of digital currencies and fiat money located in Istanbul Turkey, that has been established with the aim of streamlining the exchange of fiat and digital currencies in addition to smooth business and commerce affairs all over the globe.

A Wide Choice of Ways to Handle Your Financial Transactions & Exchanges

Commerce & Business Consulting

M.Credit proudly offers an extensive service for commerce, business deals, and business consulting anywhere in the world for all nationalities – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, USA, etc.

Receive Fiat Money Anywhere in the World by Decentralized Exchange

Send and receive fiat money with this decentralized exchange in a peer-to-peer manner anywhere in the world. You can provide fiat money, either by bank transaction or if possible by cash, and we will send your chosen currency to your chosen destination in the form of a bank transaction or cash delivery if possible.

PayPal Payments and Withdrawals

With the help of M.Credit decentralized exchange, you can make payments via PayPal with your chosen fiat money, and you will also be able to withdraw payments from PayPal into your chosen fiat money.

Purchase Stablecoins with Fiat Money

Using this service, you will be able to Purchase Stablecoins with fiat money. In this process you first need to fill out a form in the website and wait for approval. The approval depends on factors such as fiat money, type of Stablecoins, bank, etc. After confirmation you will be able to buy Stablecoin directly with your fiat money easily and quickly.

Invoice Payments

With this service, you can make online payments to websites for online shopping or premium subscriptions. Many users from around the world do not have access to conventional and internationally accepted payment methods, such as credit cards. But with this system you can leave your invoice to us, we will pay your invoice with fiat money, and you will pay us with Stablecoins or your chosen fiat money.

Sell Stablecoins for Fiat Money

M.Credit also provides the possibility for users to Sell Stablecoins in exchange for fiat money. In this way, you would also have to provide information regarding Stablecoin and the fiat money you want to receive and of course the bank account in which you want to receive the payment. Provided the request is approved, users will have the chance to smoothly exchange their Stablecoins and receive fiat money in the bank.

How M.Credit Works?

M.Credit has been designed and developed with the purpose of providing smooth and quick payments and exchanges globally and to all nationalities. 

To use any of the services offered by M.Credit, you first need to fill out a form with all details and provide all the necessary information and submit your request. Then one of our agents will review your request as soon as possible to make sure it meets the requirements.

All the processes and payments are carried out with the help of the decentralized system by our users. 

If we are going to receive fiat money in our accounts, then users need to obtain KYC in order to avoid phishing payments.